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Dunk Tank University--Click HERE for an interview transcript with Jason Levington, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, NY State

January 14, 2017

R & R Host #satchatwc

Rick & Rebecca are weekly featured columnists for School Leader's Now. They feature REAL stories from REAL leaders ranging from instructional coaches to school board members. They acknowledge the problem and offer research-based support, tips, advice, and links to supporting resources.  Check them out and sign up at

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Escaping the School Leader's Dunk Tank is book #21 for Dave Burgess Consulting!

Here's What They're Saying About
Escaping the School Leader's Dunk Tank

“Escaping the School Leader’s Dunk Tank tackles challenges that school leaders will face at some point in their careers.  This book provides a unique and thorough analysis of types of adversarial conditions and the powerful stories that the authors collected from school leaders across the nation will provide leaders a chance to reflect, plan, and think about how they might prevail in their roles.”

--Todd Whitaker, Professor at Indiana State University, internationally recognized education expert, and author of over 40 books, including What Great Principals Do Differently.


“This book doesn't just address the elephant in the room; it rides it out of the room!  A very REAL look at school politics and typical adversarial conditions that leaders face along with practical tools for thriving in any school leadership role.”

--Annette Breaux, International Educational Expert and author of The Ten-Minute Inservice


“I'm calling homerun right now!  Bold, unconventional, and arguably the "realest" school leadership book you will ever read.  Rebecca Coda and Rick Jetter definitely don't pull any punches.  With riveting case studies that highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly . . . I've never read a more honest assessment of politics in education and how to rise above the perils to pursue excellence for kids.  Escaping the School Leaders' Dunk Tank is one of those rare books that you won't want to end.”

--Brad Gustafson, Author of Renegade Leadership and 2016 NASSP Distinguished Principal

Award Winner

“We have ALL been dunked before!  If you have ever even tried to be a leader in a school, then you know the feeling. This book will make you feel like you are not alone.  It is a great, practical read for any educator in any system.  A great collection of real life examples.”

--Jennifer Fox, School Improvement and Data/Assessment Consultant


“Rules are meant to be broken.  Coda & Jetter share stunning vignettes uncovering educational politics; the candor shocking.  A must read for aspiring educational leaders.”

--Catherine Barrett, M.Ed., Arizona Master Teacher Coach, Phoenix Union High School District

"This book has answered many of the hard lessons I have learned about school leadership, especially in being a very young administrator.   Rebecca and Rick have come up with practical, yet meaningful, strategies to leverage this dream position to build better relationships and rise above all of the exigent factors that make the job nearly impossible, sometimes."

--Rob Bueche, Principal, Flint Community Schools

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