Broken things cannot always be fixed. 

School Leaders can learn how to recognize the human emotions that drive their adversaries’ platforms and actions.

 We Believe 

There are  explicit tactics used by  adversaries against school leaders. 

School leaders deserve good health and well-being, survival, and sanity. 

Fresh starts and school leader mobility are essential for being freed from "leadership imprisonment." 

We understand how stressful the field of education can be. 

We have learned that many do not know about the inner political world that exists in the field of education.

that school leaders’ stories need to be written, read, heard, and shared.

Story telling is one of the greatest professional development activities known to (wo)mankind.

We embrace failure as a learning tool for gaining greater leadership wisdom.

We know that school leadership training programs often ignore what we have confronted.

We believe in some clichés, such as “everything happens for a reason.”​

There is power in numbers, power in gathering allies, and power in creating a balanced life.

We are realistic in knowing that not all adversaries can be turned into “allies.”

We encourage “quitting” and “retreating” as solutions for escaping the “dunk tank” when all else has failed.

We will never call our adversaries “enemies” because that does not support the ideal of “forgiveness” which we feel is important.

All “drowned” school leaders will, someday, be “resuscitated” if they learn and grow from their failures, battles, or flaws.

Children and their achievement are often, unfortunately, stifled when adult contention exists.

Our work will help other school leaders, parents, teachers, school board members, and the political system to grow in new and amazing ways.

We are proud of the school leaders who contributed their stories to the “dunk tank.”

We value school leaders. 

We love education. 

We really care about kids. 

Our conversation with you should continue. 

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