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Every week's request: "We're Not Gonna Take It!"
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"The Warrior"

Music to sooth the savage adversary (or upset them more). . .

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"The Heart of the Matter": A Chapter 10 Song
"Easy To": A Chapter 8 Song
"This is Why We Fight": A Chapter 1 Song
"Houdini": A Chapter 8 Song
"Roadrunner": A Chapter 8 Song
"I Want a New Drug": A Chapter 6 Song
"Broken Wings": A Chapter 10 Song
"Evil Woman": A Chapter 2 Song
"Against the Wind": A Chapter 3 Song
"Sabotage": A Chapter 2 & 3 Song
"NY Minute": A Total Book Song
"Tubthumping": A Total Book Song
Another "No Regrets" Song: A Chapter 10 Song
"You are More": A Chapter 10 Song
"Ship of Fools": A Chapter 3 Song
"Something's Always Wrong": A Chapter 1 Song
"Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?": A Chapter 5 Song
"Somewhere Beyond the Sea":
A Total Book Song
"Your Mess Is Mine": A Chapter 4 Song
"Ring of Fire": A Chapter 2 Song
"We Just Disagree": A Chapter 10 Song
"Eminence Front": A Chapter 2 & 3 Song
"Keep Holding On": A Chapter 9 & 10 Song
"Patience": A Chapter 10 Song
"No Regrets": A Chapter 10 Song
"Strong": A Total Book Song
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