Teaching with H.E.A.R.T.

From decade to decade one thing remains true in our profession, teaching is more than our place of work. It isn't a job, it isn't something we do. It is who we are (inside and out) 24/7. Educators with H.E.A.R.T. eat, breathe and sleep, thinking about student success. Teachers' make connections to students' whether from a song on the radio or a magazine article they just read, teachers' are always making connections to upcoming learning or dotting the line to active relationship building. To us, every child is ours, and we believe, (no matter the circumstance), that our kids are capable of succeeding, without exception. We have the greatest profession on earth with the power to impact the world. We teach with H.E.A.R.T because we:

Hook Every Child

Getting your kids excited and engaged in the learning topic seems to do the trick every time. Kids like to have buy-in, and hooks induce curiosity and sparks a genuine desire to want to know more.

Use Hook Stations.

A Picture is Worth 1000 words.

Bait Your Students with Quality Questions

Energize Every Child

Incorporate movement to engage different parts of the brain. Kids like to keep moving and research supports it!

Create a Multi-sensory Classroom

Energize with Humor

Classroom Games

Accept Every Child

Embrace differences, nurture strengths and create a sense of belonging through team building.

Team Building Activities

Ice Breakers with Post-It Notes

Relationships, Routines and Community

Reach Every Child

Every child is on a continuum of learning. Reach them where they are at and differentiate for their needs.

Differentiating Instruction

What Works for Differentiating Instruction

Choice Menu Templates

Team with Every Child

Get your kids excited and engaged in the learning topic by empowering them to make instructional choices.

5 Ways to Empower Students

Strategies for Empowering Students

Power in the Classroom

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