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The Dunk Tank is aligned to the National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) Standards created by NPBEA.

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Note: Standards are in DRAFT form at this time and are more targeted and comprehensive than the former ISLLC Standards from 2008.

Click on the DOE icon to the right to see how the Dunk Tank is aligned to the ESSA Guidance for Title 2 (see page 27) and school leader training programming.

Title IIA Implications for School and Teacher Leader Training

Now, more than ever, the commitment to training school leaders and teacher leaders will be supported by changes to Title IIA and school district ESSA plans to foster quality training for leaders of all kinds.

The Dunk Tank Book and the tenets of adversity training have been overlooked and underfunded in the past.  


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"Teaching Adversity" and the "Dunk Tank" concepts are aligned to support the objectives and strategic plan of the National School Boards Association.  Click the icon at the right to learn more.

The Dunk Tank also carries out the mission and initiatives of the

Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) and can work with Human Resources Officials on adversity training and responsiveness.


30-75 minute presentations (or longer) focus on the current obstacles in education and offer strategies, stories, laughter, hope, and resilience. Presentations can be customized to focus on specific trends, challenges, and goals aligned to your school or district. 

Trainer of Trainers: Teaching Adversity

Day 1 Session-This session provides an overview of the organization, content, and behind-the-scenes realities related to the narratives of people. The Trainer of Trainers will receive free access to the Think Tank Participation Guide in order to facilitate a book study.

Day 2 Session-This session offers additional video clips, interactive facilitation strategies, and collaboration tailored to your specific school or district needs. 

Customized Consulting

We can tailor anything to your specific needs. From conflict resolution to custom focused leadership training, we are more than willing to help with any Dunk Tank situation or leadership training in order to ensure that a positive impact is being made on your educational community of learners and leaders. 

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An inspirational and hilarious video that inspired us to train other school leaders across the nation!  (Note: We are not bashing parents, here).

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